We began publishing books in 2008, with our first publication, Math SAT 800: How to Master the Toughest Problems.  It was the very first workbook for advanced math SAT students published.  Available on Amazon, it sold over 5,600 copies in its first 3 years  of publication and was used by math tutors all over the U.S. to help advanced math students ace the math portion of the SAT exam.

We employ top-notch authors and editors, almost all with advanced degrees, who have tutoring and/or teaching experience.

Dan Eiblum is the owner of Superlative Press.  He received a BA in Mathematics from the University of Chicago in 1988, and then earned his Master of Education degree from Johns Hopkins University in 2000.  He earned a BS in Atmospheric Sciences in 2015 from the University of Maryland at College Park.  He has over twenty years of tutoring experience in mathematics ranging from Pre-Algebra through Calculus, in addition to Math SAT and Praxis Core Math preparation.  He founded a tutoring agency in 2000, called MathSmart Tutoring, which serves the Washington DC area with math and science tutors.  He is the Editor-in-Chief and coauthor of Math SAT 800: How to Master the Toughest Problems, SAT Vocabulary Lightning, Praxis I Math: My Private Tutor, SAT Math 800: Challenge Yourself to the Perfect Score, Graphs for Algebra I & II: Understanding the “Y,” How to Master GRE Vocabulary: A Verbal GRE Preparation, and Praxis Core Math 2020: A Complete Course.  He taught high school math at the Phelps School of Engineering in Northeast Washington DC in an afterschool program. He wrote math SAT curriculum for Education Unlimited, a summer preparatory camp.

Dan’s Linkedin Profile is:  linkedin.com/in/dan-eiblum

Dan’s Website is: tutoringbydan.com