“Math 800 is perhaps the most challenging math SAT prep book on the market. It is designed to challenge those with already advanced math abilities – and it certainly does. Kweller Prep suggests students practice only 5 problems per day with this book to supplement their SAT prep regimen. It has a nice array of ‘hard-type’ questions that can be hard to find elsewhere.”

“This is a clear, concise, and well-written book that will help students master the most challenging Math SAT problems. The book contains numerous sample problems in all of the topical areas that the Math SAT tests, and provides a detailed, comprehensive, and easy to understand set of explanations. I would highly recommend this book for any student attempting to raise his or her math score – it is a terrific value.”

“This new GRE vocabulary prep manual has many strengths. The book comprises three main sections that combine to bring you the best of all possible prep worlds: a background chapter provides information on Latin and Greek roots for common GRE words along with exercises to test your knowledge; the list of 1,000 words most likely to appear on the GRE features easy to understand definitions and several examples of usage in a sentence for each entry. Lastly, 100 mini practice exams (10 questions each) give you the chance to test yourself repeatedly in what amount to 15-minute sound bites you can easily fit into your daily schedule. To help guide you further, detailed answers are provided for all exercises and tests. You can also work on the three sections in any order you choose. Great for either full-time students or people who work.”

“This is a great book to not just study but actively prepare for the GRE vocabulary test. One of the best features, at the beginning of the book, is a guide to Greek and Latin prefixes that help you learn the patterns in words rather than just purely memorizing.  Afterwards, there is a study guide of 1000 words (more than many similar books have), complete with definitions and example sentences. The remainder of the book is a series of vocabulary tests that let you practice over and over again (100 tests in all) and track your progress. The answer keys have explanations for every question so that you get the most out of every test. The tests are a great way to make sure you’re advancing…. keep taking them until you consistently get 9 or 10 out of 10 each time, and then you know you’re ready! I highly recommend this book for any intermediate or advanced student who is looking to prepare for the GRE. The structure of the book makes it easy to go at whatever pace is comfortable and ensure that you’re making real progress.”

“This is an excellent book for preparing the Verbal GRE – there’s a lot, but it’s well organized. It gives plenty of examples on the words themselves and the practice tests are followed by useful comments on the correct answers. The section on Latin roots is useful too, and I’m pleased with my progress.”

“I tutored a teacher who needed to pass her Praxis Math Exam in order to continue teaching. She was using another book that had a bunch of errors in it. Using that other book, she took the exam multiple times without passing. Using this book, she passed with a high grade. Her passing had very little to do with me since we met only a few times. It had a lot to do with this book, I believe. I am very grateful that a teacher with such a loving heart will be able to continue teaching, in part at least, because she used this book.”

“My daughter took the Praxis 1 test two times, missed passing by 6 points and 3 points. Bought her this book, she went through all the chapters and passed with a 180! Would recommend this for anyone taking the math test! Sorry, we waited to purchase it.”

“The explanations are thorough but to the point. This book also fits lots of practice problems in such a small book, yet pages don’t feel cramped. ‘Has relevant, detailed advice at the beginning about maximizing your score. Possibly my favorite SAT Math prep book.”

“I have been teaching SAT Prep at my school for 2 years and I find this book extremely valuable. Not only is the book laid out nicely, but the quality of questions is hands down the toughest problems I have found from any publisher. The author took the time to come up with CHALLENGING problems. These truly are advanced tests. My students work very hard on the problems from this text. I find that using these problems near the end of the teaching experience could be more valuable as students learn how to take the SAT.”

“If you want to raise your SAT score, then I would recommend this book to both teachers of the subject and students looking for an edge for this exam.”

“The book is excellent for those who wish to attain a high score, 700 or higher, on the math part of the SAT. It is loaded with difficult math questions that are extremely similar to the level 5 questions on the test. If you are a good math student, the book gives you practice questions that, when mastered, gives you the edge you need to significantly increase your score.”

“This is by far the best SAT prep book for math. it has all kind of strategies and lots of practice problems. Two thumbs up!”